How to build links through guest posts

Hi, I am back with another host any words I will talk about the value of guest posting and have to do it in a good manner. You will learn why most people never get the results they want from the gas posting and how you can avoid those mistakes to become successful at this. Well will  start with finding out the blogs in your niche that accepts guest post.
How to find blogs that accepts the Guest Post

Your Keyword+”guest post”
Your Keyword+”write for us”
Your Keyword+”writing guidelines”

You can use about theories in Google to find blogs in your niche that accept guest posting.
Suggest that you find out the domain authority at the page rank of these websites and create and CVC fire to keep track of these websites. If you are not a famous blogger or if you don’t have any experience in guest posting, then you should start with the website URL or domain authority. And the reason behind that is simple: it will be easier you can accept at these websites. And in order to guest Host on the website with high demand authority, you need to show them that you are a good writer and one of the way is to show them your previous guess pots. This way it will be easier for you to get accepted on the high domain authority website.

Joining the newsletter and following them on Social Media
Now once you have created the list, you should join the website’s newsletter and like their prices on Twitter Facebook and on the other social networks as well. All gold here is to build a friendly relationship with their website before asking or sending request of guest posting. This way you are showing that you are a regular reader of this website. Hence it will be a really easy guest post on the website.

Some more tips

Do this for at least 7 to 5 days and after that guest post.
Keep in mind that don’t send a request on the weekends.
You can use this email template in your guest house request but you should edit so that it look natural.

Hey, [Blogger or site name]!

I am a big fan of your blog and love your content. You have helped me in many problems. I know that you accept the blog posts and I have written the blog on [Title of your post] that readers of [ site name] will find interesting.

It will honor and pleasure to write for you.

Kind Regards,
Your Name.

Ok just wait for this post I hope you enjoy this and found this helpful.


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